Diocese of Vayots Dzor

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Diocese of Vayots Dzor

Վայոց Ձորի թեմ
Սուրբ Սարգիս, Եղեգնաձոր, 2015 (1).jpg
Holy Mother of God Cathedral
TerritoryVayots Dzor Province
- Total
(as of 2011)
DenominationArmenian Apostolic Church
RiteArmenian Rite
Established10 December 2010
CathedralHoly Mother of God Cathedral, Yeghegnadzor
Secular priests6
Current leadership
PatriarchKarekin II
PrimateArchbishop Abraham Mkrtchyan[1]
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Diocese of Vayots Dzor (Armenian: Վայոց Ձորի թեմ Vayots Dzori t'em), is one of the newest dioceses of the Armenian Apostolic Church covering the Vayots Dzor Province of Armenia. The diocesan headquarters are located in the town of Yeghegnadzor. The seat of the bishop is the 12th-century Holy Mother of God Cathedral of Yeghegnadzor.

The diocese was established in 2010, when it was separated from the Diocese of Syunik.[2] The prelacy building is located on the Grigor Narekatsi Street in the town of Yeghagndzor.


The primate of the diocese is archbishop Abraham Mkrtchyan who is in service since the formation of the diocese in December 2010. The vicar is archimandrite Zareh Kabaghyan, while the remaining 5 priests are serving the 17 acting places of worship within the Vayots Dzor Province.

The diocese has the following departments:

  • Administration
  • Media
  • Christian education centre
  • Youth union
  • Creativity group

Active churches[edit]

Here is the list of churches (10), monasteries (5) and chapels (2) functioning under the jurisdiction of the Diocese of Vayots Dzor, along with their location and year of consecration:[3]


  • Holy Mother of God Cathedral, Yeghnadzor, 12th century
  • Holy Mother of God Church, Areni, 1321
  • Zorats Surp Stepanos Church, Yeghegis, 14th century
  • Holy Mother of God Church, Khachik, 1681
  • Holy Mother of God Church, Martiros, 1866
  • Surp Hakob Church, Vernashen, 19th century
  • Saint Trdat Church, Vayk, 2000
  • Saint Anne Church, Malishka, 2000
  • Saint Mariam Church, Aghavnadzor, 2001
  • Saint Gayane Church, Jermuk, 2007



  • Surp Mariam Chapel, Martiros, 2004
  • Saint Gayane Chapel, Kechut, 2007
  • Surp Yeghishe Chapel, Gndevaz, 2013

Inactive/ruined churches and monasteries[edit]

  • Arates Monastery near Arates, 7th century
  • Tanahat Monastery near Vernashen, 8-13th centuries
  • Karevank Monastery near Yeghegis, 9-10th centuries
  • Shativank near Shatin, 929
  • Gndevank near Gndevaz, 936
  • Tsaghats Kar Monastery near Artabuynk, 10th century
  • Hermon Monastery near Yeghegis, 10th century
  • Holy Mother of God Church, Yeghegis, 10th century
  • Khotakerats Monastery near Khachik, 10th century
  • Saint Zion Monastery near Herher, 10-13th centuries
  • Surp Mamas Monastery near Salli, 12-13th centuries
  • Surp Nshan Church, Yeghegis, 13th century
  • Martirosavank Monastery, Martiros, 1286
  • Holy Mother of God Church , Gndevaz, 1686
  • Church of the Holy Archangels, Horbategh, 1692


  • Archbishop Abraham Mkrtchyan (10 December 2010 - )


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