Diocese of the North East Caribbean and Aruba

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St John's Cathedral, Antigua

The Anglican diocese of North East Caribbean and Aruba was formed in 1842 as the Diocese of Antigua and the Leeward Islands when the Anglican diocese of Barbados, then with the Diocese of Jamaica one of the two dioceses covering the Caribbean, was sub-divided. It celebrated its 175th birthday in 2017.[1]

It is now one of the 8 dioceses within the Province of the West Indies and comprises the 12 islands of Antigua, Barbuda, Dominica, Montserrat, Anguilla, Aruba, Nevis, Saba, St. Barts, St. Eustatius, St. Kitts, and St. Martin/St. Maarten. The diocesan cathedral is St John's Cathedral in St John's Antigua.[2]

There is also a Catholic diocese covering a similar area, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saint John's – Basseterre

The diocese was under the jurisdiction of the Archbishop of Canterbury from its creation in 1842 until 1883, when the Province of the West Indies was created. Initially the Established Church of the area, and thus supported by public funds, it was disestablished in 1969.

List of bishops[edit]