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In Greek mythology, Diocles (Ancient Greek: Διοκλῆς Dioklēs) may refer to:

  • Diocles of Pherae, son of Orsilochus, father of the twins Orsilochus and Crethon,[1] and also of Anticleia, the mother of Nicomachus and Gorgasus by Machaon.[2] In the Odyssey, Telemachus and Peisistratus spent a night at his house on their way to Sparta,[3] as well as on their way back.[4]
  • Diocles the king, one of the first priests of Demeter, and one of the first to learn the secrets of the Eleusinian Mysteries, along with Triptolemus and Polyxenus.[5]
  • Diocles of Megara, to where he fled from Athens. He was known for his love of boys, and was killed in a battle as he was covering his loved one with his own shield. The people of Megara buried Diocles and honored him as a hero, and held a kissing contest dedicated to him.[6]
  • Diocles, king of Megara, who was overthrown by Theseus, as a result of which Eleusis was annexed from Megara.[7] He may be identical with #2 or #3.


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