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This article is about the female Greek-mythology characters. For other uses, see Diomede (disambiguation).

Diomede (/ˌd.əˈmd/; Ancient Greek: Διομήδη Diomēdē) is the name of four women in Greek mythology.

Diomede of Lesbos[edit]

According to Homer’s Iliad, Diomede was a mistress of Achilles, taken up after the seizure of Briseis by the King Agamemnon. Her father was Phorbas of Lesbos.[1][2]

Diomede the Lapith[edit]

Diomede was a Lapith, and daughter of Lapithes. She married King Amyclas of Sparta and was the mother of Hyacinthus, King Cynortes, Polyboea, Laodamia, and, in other versions, of Daphne.[3][4][5][6][7]

Diomede the Phocian[edit]

Diomede, daughter of Xuthus. She married Deioneus, king of Phocis, and was the mother of Cephalus, Actor, Aenetus, Phylacus and Asterodia.[8][9]

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Diomede, mother of Euryalus[edit]

A fourth character of the name Diomede is mentioned briefly in Hyginus.[10] She is given as the wife of Pallas and mother of Euryalus, who fought at Troy. Nothing else is known about her.


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