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Dion or Dio may refer to:



  • Dion (mythology), a king in Laconia and husband of Iphitea, the daughter of Prognaus
  • Dion of Syracuse (408–354 BC), ancient Greek politician
  • Dion of Naples, an ancient Greek mathematician cited by Augustine of Hippo along with Adrastus of Cyzicus
  • Dio Chrysostom, also known as Dion Chrysostomos (c. 40 – c. 115), a Greek orator, writer, philosopher and historian
  • Cassius Dio, also known as Dion Kassios (c. AD 155 – 235), a Roman consul



  • Dion, Pieria, the great "sacred place" of the Ancient Macedonians, ancient city and archaeological site
  • Dion, part of the municipality of Beauraing, province of Namur, Belgium
  • Dion-Valmont, consisting of Dion-le-Val and Dion-le-Mont, a section of the municipality of Chaumont-Gistoux, Walloon Brabant, Belgium
  • Dion, Pieria, also Dio, a town in Pieria, Greece
  • Dion, Jordan, a city in the Decapolis of the Roman Empire
  • Dion Islands, Antarctica


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