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Dion Fischer is an American musician, producer, and visual artist born in Romeo, Michigan in 1972.

Fischer played lead guitar in Detroit garage rock band The Go from 1999–2004, as replacement to Detroit born musician and childhood friend Jack White. He spent his formative musical years playing with indie rock pioneers Godzuki. Fischer also recorded an e.p. and some other songs (including work with soul legend Andre Williams) while playing for a short time with Detroit's, The Dirtbombs.

Fischer currently plays with 13 piece acid rock band The Infinity People, other members include Warren Defever of His Name Is Alive, and Aliccia Berg of Slumber Party. He also records and performs with former Von Bondie, Marcie Bolen in new wave style band called F'ke Blood.

As a producer Fischer has worked on music by, Slumber Party, Tamion 12", And Mountains and Rainbows. He shares a studio space with Warren Defever in Detroit known as UFO Factory. UFO Factory also hosts live music performances and art shows.

Fischer also has done work as a pop-art style visual artist, mainly on music related cover art . He has done art work for White Stripes "Let's Shake Hands", His Name Is Alive, and Slumber Party.


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