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The Greek name Dionysius (/ˌdəˈnɪʃiəs, -ˈnɪs-, -ˈnɪʃəs, -ˈnsiəs/), deriving from the name of the Greek god Dionysus, was exceedingly common, and many ancient people, famous and otherwise, bore it. It remains a common name today in the form Dennis (Denys, Denis, Denise). The modern Greek form of the name is Dionysios or Dionysis. The Spanish form of the name is Dionisio. The Italian form of the name is Dionigi. The Italian last name, Dionisi is also derived from the name Dionysius, and Dionysus. Dionysius was the episcopal title of the primates of Malankara Church (founded by Apostle Thomas in India) from 1765 until amalgamating that title with the Catholicos of the East in 1934.

People named Dionysius[edit]

  • Dionysius as Debernus also among the seven sleepers on cave after Decius.

Among the persons known by the name Dionysius, or using the French version Denis, some of the more famous were:

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