Diospyros ebonasea

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Malaysian blackwood
M. Blackwood Back and Side.jpg
Scientific classification
D. ebonasea
Binomial name
Diospyros ebonasea

Malaysian blackwood (Diospyros ebonasea), is a species of flowering tree in the family Ebenaceae that is endemic to the forests of Malaysia. Malaysian blackwood is a nickname of this wood, but actually this wood is one of the ebony family in the world.


A guitar body made from Malaysian blackwood

Malaysian blackwood is a premium tonewood that is well suited for all sorts of guitars. It has become a favorite of several well-known high-end luthiers, and its popularity is growing. Denser than most rosewood, the sustaining, glassy tap tone draws comparisons to African blackwood. It is slightly less brittle though, and unlike African blackwood, most sets have dark streaks. The overall coloring is similar to ziricote, with black and dark gray colors highlighted by subtle reddish brown and/or green hues.

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