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Dip or DIP, may refer to:

"Dip" term[edit]

Dip may refer to:


Diving and lowering[edit]

Geometry and science[edit]

  • Dip (geometry), a decagonal prism
  • Dip (geology) (strike and dip), the orientation or attitude of a geologic feature
  • Dip slope, a geological term for a slope parallel to the dip
  • Dip circle, used to measure the angle between magnetic dip and the horizon
  • Magnetic dip, the angle made with the horizontal at any point by the Earth's magnetic field
  • Horizon dip, the angle below horizontal for an elevated observer at sea


  • The Dip, the tenth published book by Seth Godin
  • Dip (album), a 2007 studio album by Scottish musician Aidan Moffat
  • "Dip", a single by Danny Brown from his 2013 album Old
  • Dip (Tyga song), a 2018 song by Tyga
  • Dip (TV series), an online 201 Turkish TV series

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DIP may refer to:

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