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Original author(s) Novarm Ltd.
Stable release / June 24, 2014
Written in Object Pascal (Delphi)[1]
Operating system Windows, Mac OS X (Wine based), Linux/Wine
Type Electronic design automation
License Proprietary
Website www.diptrace.com

DipTrace is EDA software for creating schematic diagrams and printed circuit boards. The first version of DipTrace was released in August, 2004. The latest version as of July 21, 2014 is DipTrace version The interface and tutorials are multi-lingual (currently English, Czech, Russian and Turkish).[2] In January of 2011, Parallax switched from Eagle to DipTrace for developing its printed circuit boards.[3]


  • Schematic Design Editor
  • PCB Layout Editor
  • Component Editor
  • Pattern Editor
  • Shape-Based Autorouter
  • 3D PCB Preview, using Wings 3D format [4]

Freeware and Hobbyist versions[edit]

A version of DipTrace is freely available with all the functionality of the full package except that it is limited to 300 pins and non-commercial use[5] or 500 pins (non-commercial use, for a moderate charge)[6] and 2 signal layers. Power and ground plane layers do not count as signal layers, so the free versions can create 4-layer boards with full power and ground planes.

Other sources[edit]

Some hobby and educational groups such as the PICAXE forum members have developed libraries specific to the PICAXE range of microcontroller as produced by Revolution Education including many of the frequently used associated integrated circuits. PICAXE related libraries can be found here:

Another very useful library resource can be found here:

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