Dip Falls

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Dip Falls
Dip Falls - Tasmania.jpg
Dip Falls, in summer 2005.
Dip Falls is located in Tasmania
Dip Falls
Location North West Tasmania, Australia
Coordinates 41°01′48″S 145°22′12″E / 41.03000°S 145.37000°E / -41.03000; 145.37000Coordinates: 41°01′48″S 145°22′12″E / 41.03000°S 145.37000°E / -41.03000; 145.37000[1]
Type Cascade
Elevation 218 metres (715 ft)[2] AHD
Total height 22–34 metres (72–112 ft)[2]
Watercourse Dip River

The Dip Falls, a cascade waterfall over cubic-basalt formed rocks on the Dip River, is located in the North West region of Tasmania, Australia.

Location and features[edit]

The waterfall is situated in the Dip Range Regional Reserve at an elevation of 218 metres (715 ft) above sea level and descends in the range of 22–34 metres (72–112 ft),[2] near the village of Sisters Beach[3] and approximately 36 kilometres (22 mi) southeast of Stanley via the Bass Highway.

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