Diphu Pass

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Diphu Pass
Diphu Pass is located in Myanmar
Diphu Pass
Diphu Pass
Location of the Diphu Pass
Elevation 4,587 m (15,049 ft)
Location ChinaIndiaBurma tripoint
Range Himalaya
Coordinates 28°9′0″N 97°20′0″E / 28.15000°N 97.33333°E / 28.15000; 97.33333Coordinates: 28°9′0″N 97°20′0″E / 28.15000°N 97.33333°E / 28.15000; 97.33333
Diphu Pass
Traditional Chinese 底富山口
Simplified Chinese 底富山口

Diphu Pass is a mountain pass around the area of the disputed tri-point borders of India, China, and Myanmar. Diphu Pass is also a strategic approach to eastern Assam.[1] It lies on the McMahon Line.[2]

In October 1960 China and Burma demarcated their border to Diphu Pass, which is 5 miles south of the watershed of the mountain ranges. However, this caused a diplomatic row with India, which expected the tri-point to be at the watershed.[3] The dispute has become part of the ongoing border disagreement between China and India regarding Arunachal Pradesh.

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