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Diplomatic missions of Australia

This is a list of diplomatic missions of Australia, excluding honorary consulates.[1] Australian diplomatic missions are posts representing the Commonwealth of Australia in foreign countries. They are mostly maintained of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, with some smaller posts being run by Austrade. There are currently over 100 Australian missions overseas.[2]

After federation in 1901, Australia's presence abroad was largely limited to state and Commonwealth agents and trade offices. The United Kingdom played a defining role in Australia's foreign policy, limiting its need for missions abroad. In 1939 there were only two External Affairs officers posted overseas: one in London (known as Australia House), and one in Washington attached to the UK Embassy.

The Second World War necessitated increased co-operation with foreign countries independent of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. By 1940, a base of four missions had been established in Washington, Ottawa, London, and Tokyo, and as World War II progressed missions to Australia's wartime allies were established in Nouméa, Chongqing, and Moscow.

Australian diplomatic missions today number at over 100, although the number of Australian diplomats overseas has dramatically been reduced. Missions have been closed in Bern, Almaty, Damascus, Kupang, Lusaka, Algiers, Cape Town, Dar es Salaam, and Bridgetown.

As Australia is a Commonwealth country, its diplomatic missions in the capitals of other Commonwealth countries are referred to as High Commissions (as opposed to embassies).

Under the terms of the Canada–Australia Consular Services Sharing Agreement, the two countries provide consular services to each other's citizens at a number of locations around the world. At this time, there are 12 cities where Canadians can obtain consular services from Australian offices, and 19 locations where Canadian offices provide consular services to Australians. In an emergency, Australians can also seek assistance from British diplomatic missions around the world in the absence of an Australian consulate or embassy.


High Commission of Australia in Bandar Seri Begawan
Embassy of Australia in Berlin
Embassy of Australia in Buenos Aires
Embassy of Australia in Dublin
Embassy of Australia in the Hague
Torre Espacio hosting the Embassy of Australia in Madrid
Embassy of Australia in Mexico City
High Commission of Australia in Nuku'alofa
Embassy of Australia in Paris
High Commission of Australia in Port Vila
High Commission of Australia in Pretoria
High Commission of Australia in Port of Spain
Embassy of Australia in Santiago
Embassy of Australia in Tokyo
Embassy of Australia in Vienna
Embassy of Australia in Warsaw
Embassy of Australia in Washington, D.C.
High Commission of Australia in Wellington





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  1. ^ The Australian Embassy to the Holy See is located outside Vatican territory in Rome.


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