List of diplomatic missions of Estonia

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Countries with Estonian diplomatic missions
Estonian Embassy in Canberra
Estonian Embassy in The Hague
Estonian Embassy in Helsinki
Estonian Embassy in London
Estonian Embassy in Moscow
Estonian Consulate-General in Saint Petersburg
Estonian Embassy in New Delhi
Estonian Embassy in Oslo
Estonian Embassy in Paris
Estonian Embassy in Prague
Estonian Embassy in Stockholm
Estonian Embassy in Tokyo
Estonian Embassy in Washington, DC

This is a list of diplomatic missions of Estonia. Estonia reestablished a foreign ministry on 12 April 1990, while the country was slowly restoring independence from the Soviet Union, with the symbols and instruments of sovereignty progressively being reintroduced. The events in August the following year when a coup attempt failed in Moscow accelerated the progress towards independence. The staff of the ministry worked a seven-day work week with threadbare facilities and supplies until January 1992, after they had secured Estonia's international recognition, and opened missions in New York City, Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Bonn, Paris, and Moscow.[1]

The Estonian government considers Estonia's incorporation into the Soviet Union illegal, and the foreign ministry to have been in continual operation since 1918.






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