List of diplomatic missions of India

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Diplomatic missions of India

This is a list of diplomatic missions of India. India has a large diplomatic network, reflecting its links in the world and particularly in neighbouring regions: Central Asia, the Middle East, East Africa, Southeast Asia, and the rest of the Indian subcontinent. There are also far-flung missions in the Caribbean and the Pacific, locations of historical Indian diaspora communities.

As a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, Indian diplomatic missions in the capitals of other Commonwealth members are known as High Commissions. In other cities of Commonwealth countries, India calls some of its consulates "Assistant High Commissions".


Indian Embassy in Berlin
Indian High Commission in Canberra
Indian High Commission in London
Consulate-General of India in Birmingham
Indian Embassy in Madrid
Indian Consulate-General in Saint Petersburg
Indian Embassy in Oslo
Indian High Commission in Ottawa
Indian Embassy in Paris
Indian Embassy in Prague
Indian High Commission in Pretoria
Indian Embassy in Rome
Indian Embassy in Warsaw
Embassy of India in Washington, D.C.
Indian Consulate-General in New York
Indian Consulate-General in San Francisco





International organisations[edit]

Indian Mission to the United Nations in New York

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