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Map of diplomatic missions of the Cook Islands
  Cook Islands
  Cook Islands embassy
  Cook Islands embassy, non-resident

This page lists the Diplomatic missions of the Cook Islands. Although the Cook Islands is an associated state of New Zealand, it maintains diplomatic relations with 49 states. The Cook Islands has one diplomatic mission abroad (a high commission in New Zealand). This high commission has multiple accreditation.[note 1] The Cook Islands also has a number of honorary consulates.[note 2]


Cook Islands High Commission in Wellington

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  1. ^ High commission in New Zealand is accredited also to Australia, Fiji and Papua New Guinea.[1][2]
  2. ^ There are honorary consuls based in Australia (Sydney), Monaco (Monaco),[3] Norway (Oslo) and Turkey (Istanbul). There were also honorary consuls based in the United States (Honolulu and Los Angeles).[4]


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