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Countries with a diplomatic mission of the Philippines

This is a list of diplomatic missions of the Philippines. The Philippines has a network of diplomatic missions in major cities around the world to forward Philippine interests in the areas that they serve, as well as to serve the ever-growing numbers of Overseas Filipinos. Although attempts at initial diplomatic relations were made during the Philippine Revolution and the time of the First Philippine Republic, most nations have established diplomatic relations with the Philippines only recently.

Although the Philippine diplomatic mission network is wide, there are embassies that are accredited to other nations without Philippine diplomatic posts. There are also several honorary consulates (not listed here) maintained in other major cities. The network as of 2013 consists of 102 posts: 70 embassies, 20 consulates general, seven permanent missions, and one mission. Within the 102 posts is the Manila Economic and Cultural Office and its two additional Cultural Offices in Taiwan.

In 2012, the Philippines shut down ten posts (seven embassies and three consulates general): Caracas, Venezuela; Koror, Palau; Dublin, Ireland; Stockholm, Sweden; Bucharest, Romania; Havana, Cuba; Helsinki, Finland; Barcelona, Spain; Frankfurt, Germany and Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands.[1]


Philippine Embassy in Bangkok
Philippine Embassy in the Hague
Philippine Embassy in London
Philippine Embassy in Mexico City
Philippine Embassy in Moscow
Philippine Embassy in Paris
Philippine Embassy in Prague
Philippine Embassy in Tokyo
Philippine Embassy in Vienna
Philippine Embassy in Warsaw
Philippine Embassy in Washington, D.C
Consulate-General of the Philippines in San Francisco
Philippine Embassy in Wellington





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