List of Chengjiang Biota species by phylum

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List of Chengjiang Biota species is of fossils found at Maotianshan Shales whose most famous assemblage of organisms are referred to as the Chengjiang biota.[1]

Phylum Arthropoda[edit]

78 species, not counting Nektaspida and Trilobita

Class Nektaspida[edit]

2 species

Class Trilobita[edit]

6 species

Phylum Brachiopoda[edit]

5 species.

Phylum Chaetognatha[edit]

1 species

Phylum Cnidaria[edit]

2 species

Phylum Chordata[edit]

9 species

Phylum Ctenophora[edit]

3 species

Phylum Entoprocta[edit]

1 species

Phylum Echinodermata[edit]

2 species

Phylum Hemichordata[edit]

2 species

Phylum Hyolitha[edit]

8 species

Phylum Lobopodia[edit]

11 species

Hallucigenia fortis

Phylum Nematomorpha[edit]

3 species

Phylum Phoronida[edit]

1 species

Phylum Porifera[edit]

15 species

Phylum Priapulida[edit]

16 species

Phylum Vetulicolia[edit]

11 species

  • Vetulicola cuneata
  • Vetulicola gantoucunensis
  • Vetulicola longbaoshanensis
  • Vetulicola rectangulata
  • Vetulicola monile


23 species

Kingdom Protista (algae)[edit]