Dipper (Chinese constellation)

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South Dipper map
Dǒu Xiù map

The Dipper mansion (斗宿, pinyin: Dǒu Xiù) is one of the Twenty-eight mansions of the Chinese constellations. It is one of the northern mansions of the Black Tortoise.


English name Chinese name European constellation Number of stars Representing
Dipper Sagittarius 6 Shaped like the Big Dipper, also refers temple in the sky or the snake-shaped basalt
Establishment Sagittarius 6 Sun, moon and star are related by the city, also refers to the flag
Market Officer 天弁 Aquila/Scutum 9 Officials of the market
River Turtle Telescopium/Corona Australis 11 The river turtles
Celestial Cock 天雞 Sagittarius 2 Chicken in the sky, the God's chicken
Celestial Keyhole 天籥 Ophiuchus/Sagittarius 8 Locks open and close by the ecliptic
Dog Territory 狗國 Sagittarius 4 Dogs live in the kingdom
Celestial Spring 天淵 Sagittarius 3 Pond in the sky
Dog Sagittarius 2 Guardian dog in the gate
Peasant 農丈人 Sagittarius 1 Director of palm farming