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DirectVobSub (VSFilter)
Original author(s)Gabest
Developer(s)Armada, janwillem32, nevcairiel, Underground78, v0lt, vBm, XhmikosR
Stable release
2.41.7259 / May 13, 2013; 9 years ago (2013-05-13)
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows

DirectVobSub (formerly known as VSFilter) is a software add-on for Microsoft Windows (a DirectShow filter) that is able to read external subtitle files and superimposes them on a playing video file.[1][2][3]

DirectVobSub/VSFilter were formerly part of a whole application known as VobSub which was also able to extract subtitles from DVD Video and create text-based subtitles, without ripping the DVD to a file first. The last version of VobSub was version 2.23, after which the development of VobSub ceased. VSFilter was a part of the guliverkli project on the SourceForge web site. The guliverkli project also includes the ability to extract subtitles from a DVD via the vobsub ripper program.[4][5][6] However, development of guliverkli ceased in 2005 with version 2.37. In 2007, it became a part of the Guliverkli2 project, now known as DirectVobSub, starting with version 2.38.[7][8][9][10][11] But till September, 2012, the last guliverkli2 commitment was on April 10, 2011.[12] Then, the MPC-HC project took over the sources. Under that project, DirectVobSub was very briefly in active development again,[13] but MPC-HC shut down in 2017 due to a lack of developers.

DirectVobSub is also capable of extracting subtitles from a DVD without ripping it to a file first. "Vobsub rippers" are also available for the same effect. Note also the guliverkli project has a related project VSrip.

Supported Subtitle formats[edit]

Format name Extension
VobSub .sub/.idx
SubStation Alpha/Advanced SubStation Alpha .ssa/.ass
SubRip .srt
MicroDVD .sub
SAMI .smi
PowerDivX .psb
Universal Subtitle Format .usf
Structured Subtitle Format .ssf

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