Direct Action (film)

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Direct Action
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Sidney J. Furie
Written by Sidney J. Furie, Greg Mellott
Starring Dolph Lundgren
Release date
Running time
97 minutes.
Country United States Canada
Language English

Direct Action is a 2004 action film directed by Sidney J. Furie and starring Dolph Lundgren.


With fifteen years on the force, Sergeant Frank Gannon (Dolph Lundgren) has spent the last three years on the Direct Action Unit (DAU) task force, fighting gang crime and corruption.

The DAU, led by Captain Stone (Conrad Dunn), is a special unit of the Metropolitan Police Department focusing on gang violence, drugs, and prostitution. It's made up of highly trained officers with at least 10 years on the force. They have been untouchable in every way.

With the highest arrest record in the department, two Medals of Valor, the youngest officer ever to make detective, and the son of a cop himself, Gannon does everything with integrity. His father was the late Captain Michael J. Gannon.

Although the Direct Action Unit appears to have been the saving force in city over the past few years—fighting against theft, larceny, conspiracy, extortion, and murder—evidence is coming to light that some members of the DAU were up to much more than keeping the city streets safe.

The Direct Action Unit task force has been under intense federal investigation for 8 months on suspicions of stealing drugs and money, the jailing of innocent people, and possibly murder. And the investigation is being overseen by Assistant Attorney General LoPresti (Daniel Kash).

At the end of his shift on this day, Gannon is to testify at a federal grand jury about the DAU, which is making Gannon's bosses extremely nervous.

That morning, Gannon is suddenly partnered with detective trainee Billie Ross (Polly Shannon), and is asked to show her the ropes. With little experience on the streets, Ross is thrilled to start her two-week detective training period with the legendary Gannon.

This not good news for Gannon, as Ross is hardly the experienced backup he needs on the toughest day of his career as Captain Stone keeps sending men to kill him. And Stone has been working with a drug ring led by Khalid Manseur (Anthony J. Mifsud). Even LoPresti has been working with Stone.

Stone frames Gannon and Ross for murder in the self-defense killings of three corrupt cops, and to prove their innocence, Gannon and Ross will have to take down Stone and everyone he's working with.


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