Direct Democracy Party of New Zealand

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Direct Democracy Party of New Zealand
Leader Kevin Alp
Founded 2005
Dissolved June 30, 2009 (2009-06-30)

The Direct Democracy Party (DDP) of New Zealand (2005-2009) was a political party in New Zealand that promoted greater participation by the people in the decision-making of government. The party's leader was Kelvyn Alp.

The party challenged the current monetary system and promoted solutions to what it called "irredeemable debt."[1] It aimed to establish a system of binding referendums (similar to the Landsgemeinde used in parts of Switzerland) for all major decisions.[2] The party also advocated for a New Zealand Constitution to protect and enshrine the rights and freedoms of the people.[3]

In 2005 the Direct Democracy Party was registered as a political party.[4] It fielded 32 party members in the 2005 elections, and won 782 votes (or 0.03% of the total vote), failing to get any MPs into parliament.[5]

The party did not apply for broadcasting funding in 2008,[6] nor did it submit a party list. The official results for the party vote in that year's election recorded no votes for the DDP.[7]

The party's registration was cancelled at its own request on 30 June 2009.[8]

Alp founded the OurNZ Party in 2011.

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