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Direct Selling News
Publisher, Editor in Chief John Fleming
Categories Business magazine
Frequency 12 times per year
Circulation approximately 6,500
Publisher VideoPlus, LLC
First issue November 2004
Country United States
Based in Plano, Texas
Language English
ISSN 1554-6470

Direct Selling News (DSN), published by VideoPlus in Plano, Texas, is a full-color monthly business magazine focusing on multi-level marketing and targeted to executives in that industry. Direct Selling News' current editor is John Fleming.[1]

The trade publication has been quoted by other media outlets when covering controversy in the multi-level marketing industry,[2] referencing company revenues,[3] or the business habits of multi-level marketing representatives.[4]

Every year in June, the magazine publishes its annual "DSN Global 100" list of the top 100 multi-level marketing companies in the world, based on revenue.[5]


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