Direction du renseignement militaire

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The Direction du renseignement militaire (DRM) (English:Directorate of Military Intelligence) is a French intelligence agency that has the task of collecting and centralizing information for the French Armed Forces. Created in 1992, its role is similar to that of the US DIA, the UK DI or the Russian GRU. The DRM reports directly to the Chief of Staff of the French military.


The mission of the directorate is to provide timely intelligence and meet the needs of the French defence ministry and defence agencies. The stated aims of the DRM:

  • ensures an objective and independent as possible of situations and;
  • ensure freedom of maneuver and security units engaged in theater operations while contributing to their optimum efficiency, through the Office Intelligence (J2) from central planning and conduct of operations (CPCO) of Staff of the armed forces.[1]


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