Direction générale de la Gendarmerie Nationale

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The Direction Générale de la Gendarmerie nationale (DGGN) is the department of Interior Ministry (France) with responsibility for operational management of the National Gendarmerie[1] in coordination with the Chef d'État-Major des Armées (CEMA).

Mission and responsibilities[edit]

The DGGN administrative responsibilities cover:

  • Operations
  • Personnel
  • Logistics
  • Finance


The DGGN is headed by the Director General of the National Gendarmerie,[2] who is nominated by the Interior minister and can be:

  • General in the National Gendarmerie
  • A Magistrate
  • Civil Servant (Grade A3 and above)

The DGGN shares responsibilities with the DGPN (Directorate-General of the National Police) in the following areas:

  • Directorate General of International Cooperation
  • The domestic security Technology and Information systems service

In addition since 2014 a further department is under the joint control of the DGGN, DGPN and the DGSCGC (Directorate-General for Civil Protection and Crises);

  • The domestic security Purchasing and logistics service.


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