Mayor of Leicester

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Mayor of Leicester
Peter Soulsby.JPG
Peter Soulsby

since 6 May 2011
Style City Mayor (to distinguish from Lord Mayor, a separate post)
Appointer Electorate of Leicester
Term length Four years
Inaugural holder Peter Soulsby
Website Leicester Mayor website

The directly elected mayor of Leicester is responsible for the executive function of Leicester City Council. The incumbent is Peter Soulsby of Labour.


In December 2010 the Labour controlled Leicester City Council approved plans to give the city a directly elected Mayor with responsibility for all council decisions during their four-year term and for selecting up to nine councillors as a supporting cabinet. The creation of the post was approved by Leicester City Council on 10 December 2010. A referendum on establishing a directly elected mayoralty was not held. The first election took place in May 2011.[1]



The first mayoral election on 5 May 2011 saw Peter Soulsby elected as mayor in the first round.[2]

Leicester Mayoral Election 5 May 2011 [3]
Party Candidate 1st Round  % 2nd Round Total  First Round Votes  Transfer Votes 
Labour Peter Soulsby 46,948 55.3%
Conservative Ross Grant 9,688 11.4%
Independent Rick Moore 7,365 8.7%
Liberal Democrat Gary Hunt 6,029 7.1%
Green Geoff Forse 3,452 4.1%
Independent Nima Patel 3,358 4.0%
UKIP Regine Anderson 2,195 2.6%
Unity for Peace and Socialism Mohinda Farma 1,944 2.3%
Independent David Bowley 1,784 2.1%
Independent Mu-Hamid Pathan 1,465 1.7%
Independent Lee Sowden 631 0.7%
Labour win


Soulsby won re-election in 2015, again polling more than half the first preference vote to win on the first round.

Leicester Mayoral Election 7 May 2015 [4]
Party Candidate 1st Round  % 2nd Round Total  First Round Votes  Transfer Votes 
Labour Peter Soulsby 71,533 54.6%
Conservative Paul Bremner 24,327 18.6%
UKIP Dutch Veldhuizen 12,532 9.6%
Green Tim Grayson 8,637 6.6%
Liberal Democrat Adrian Barnes 8,315 6.3%
TUSC Barbie Potter 3,028 2.3%
Independent Avtar Singh 2,662 2.0%
Labour hold

List of Mayors[edit]

Political party Name Entered office Left office
Labour Peter Soulsby 6 May 2011 Incumbent


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