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Director's Cut Awards
Awarded forExcellence in cinematic achievements
CountrySouth Korea
Presented byKorea Film Director's Network
First awarded1998
Director's Cut Awards
디렉터스 컷 시상식
Revised RomanizationDirekteoseu Keot Sisangsik
McCune–ReischauerTirekt'ŏsŭ K'ŏt Sisangsik

The Director's Cut Awards (Hangul디렉터스 컷 시상식) is an annual awards ceremony for excellence in film in South Korea. It is presented by the Korea Film Director's Network (KFDN), a group of approximately 300 Korean filmmakers.[1][2][3] The KFDN selects winners in the Korean film industry in eight categories: Director, Actor (Male/Female), New Director, New Actor (Male/Female), Producer and Independent Film Director.[4] It was launched in 1998 by film director Lee Hyun-seung with a membership of "young generation" directors in their twenties to forties.[5][6][7][8]

The ceremony was temporarily discontinued after 2010 due to "internal issues" within the organization.[9] It was resumed in 2014 and held concurrently with the Jecheon International Music and Film Festival (JIMFF).[10]


  • Best Director
  • Best Actor
  • Best Actress
  • Best New Director
  • Best New Actor
  • Best New Actress
  • Best Producer
  • Best Independent Film Director

Best Director[edit]

# Year Director Film
1st 1998 Hur Jin-ho Christmas in August
2nd 1999 N/A N/A
3rd 2000 Park Chan-wook Joint Security Area
4th 2001 Song Hae-sung Failan
5th 2002 Park Chan-wook Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance
6th 2003 Bong Joon-ho Memories of Murder
7th 2004 Park Chan-wook Oldboy
8th 2005 Im Sang-soo The President's Last Bang
9th 2006 Hong Sang-soo Woman on the Beach
10th 2007 Lee Chang-dong Secret Sunshine
11th 2008 Kim Jee-woon The Good, the Bad, the Weird
12th 2009 Park Chan-wook Thirst
13th 2010 Ryoo Seung-wan The Unjust
14th 2014 Bong Joon-ho Snowpiercer
15th 2015 Oh Seung-uk The Shameless
16th 2016 Na Hong-jin The Wailing[11]
17th 2017 Bong Joon-ho Okja[12][13]
18th 2018 Jang Joon-hwan 1987: When the Day Comes

Best Actor[edit]

# Year Actor Film
1st 1998 Han Suk-kyu Christmas in August
2nd 1999 Choi Min-sik Shiri, Happy End
3rd 2000 Song Kang-ho Joint Security Area
4th 2001 Choi Min-sik Failan
5th 2002 Sol Kyung-gu Oasis
6th 2003 Song Kang-ho Memories of Murder
7th 2004 Choi Min-sik Oldboy
8th 2005 Jung Jae-young Welcome to Dongmakgol, Wedding Campaign
9th 2006 Song Kang-ho,
Byun Hee-bong,
Park Hae-il
The Host
10th 2007 Song Kang-ho Secret Sunshine
11th 2008 Ha Jung-woo The Chaser, My Dear Enemy
12th 2009 Song Kang-ho Thirst
13th 2010 Choi Min-sik I Saw the Devil
14th 2014 Song Kang-ho The Attorney
15th 2015 Hwang Jung-min Ode to My Father
16th 2016 Lee Byung-hun Inside Men
17th 2017 Sol Kyung-gu Memoir of a Murderer
18th 2018 Lee Sung Min The Spy Gone North

Best Actress[edit]

# Year Actress Film
1st 1998 Shim Eun-ha Christmas in August
2nd 1999 Jeon Do-yeon The Harmonium in My Memory, Happy End
3rd 2000 Lee Mi-yeon Pisces
4th 2001 Jang Jin-young Sorum
5th 2002 Yunjin Kim Ardor
6th 2003 Moon So-ri A Good Lawyer's Wife
Yum Jung-ah A Tale of Two Sisters
7th 2004 Jeon Do-yeon My Mother, the Mermaid
8th 2005 Jeon Do-yeon You Are My Sunshine
Lee Young-ae Sympathy for Lady Vengeance
9th 2006 Bae Doona,
Go Ah-sung
The Host
10th 2007 Jeon Do-yeon Secret Sunshine
11th 2008 Gong Hyo-jin Crush and Blush
12th 2009 Kim Hye-ja Mother
13th 2010 Seo Young-hee Bedevilled
14th 2014 Shim Eun-kyung Miss Granny
15th 2015 Jeon Do-yeon The Shameless
16th 2016 Kim Min-hee The Handmaiden
17th 2017 Na Moon-hee I Can Speak
18th 2018 Kim Tae-ri Little Forest

Best New Director[edit]

# Year Director Film
1st 1998 Lee Jeong-hyang Art Museum by the Zoo
2nd 1999 Jung Ji-woo Happy End
3rd 2000 Bong Joon-ho Barking Dogs Never Bite
4th 2001 Song Il-gon Flower Island
Jeong Jae-eun Take Care of My Cat
5th 2002 Park Jin-pyo Too Young to Die
6th 2003 Jang Joon-hwan Save the Green Planet!
7th 2004 Choi Dong-hoon The Big Swindle
8th 2005 Jeong Yoon-cheol Marathon
9th 2006 Son Jae-gon My Scary Girl
10th 2007 Jung Beom-sik, Jung Sik Epitaph
11th 2008 Na Hong-jin The Chaser
12th 2009 Ounie Lecomte A Brand New Life
13th 2010 Jang Cheol-soo Bedevilled
14th 2014 Yang Woo-suk The Attorney
15th 2015 Kim Sung-je Minority Opinion
16th 2016 Jang Jae-hyun The Priests
17th 2017 Cho Hyun-hoon Jane
18th 2018 Kang Yoon-sung The Outlaws

Best New Actor[edit]

# Year Actor Film
1st 1998 N/A N/A
2nd 1999 N/A N/A
3rd 2000 Shin Ha-kyun Joint Security Area
4th 2001 Kim Myung-min Sorum
5th 2002 Hwang Jung-min Road Movie
6th 2003 Bong Tae-gyu A Good Lawyer's Wife
Park Hae-il Jealousy Is My Middle Name
7th 2004 Gang Dong-won Too Beautiful to Lie
8th 2005 Ha Jung-woo The Unforgiven
9th 2006 Ryu Deok-hwan Like a Virgin
10th 2007 Jang Keun-suk The Happy Life
11th 2008 Yoo Ah-in Antique
12th 2009 Kim Dong-wook Take Off
13th 2010 Song Sae-byeok The Servant
14th 2014 Yeo Jin-goo Hwayi: A Monster Boy
15th 2015 Ahn Jae-hong The King of Jokgu
16th 2016 Park Jung-min Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet
17th 2017 Choi Gwi-hwa A Taxi Driver
18th 2018 Do Kyung Soo Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days

Best New Actress[edit]

# Year Actress Film
1st 1998 N/A N/A
2nd 1999 N/A N/A
3rd 2000 Bae Doona Plum Blossom
4th 2001 Lee Yo-won Take Care of My Cat
5th 2002 Moon So-ri Oasis
6th 2003 Im Soo-jung A Tale of Two Sisters
7th 2004 Soo Ae A Family
8th 2005 Jo Yi-jin The Aggressives
9th 2006 Choo Ja-hyun Bloody Tie
10th 2007 Hwang Bo-ra Skeletons in the Closet
11th 2008 Seo Woo Crush and Blush
12th 2009 Park Bo-young Scandal Makers
13th 2010 Lee Min-jung Cyrano Agency
14th 2014 Chun Woo-hee Han Gong-ju
15th 2015 Esom Scarlet Innocence
16th 2016 Kim Tae-ri The Handmaiden
17th 2017 Choi Hee-seo Anarchist from Colony
18th 2018 Kim Da Mi The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion

Best Producer[edit]

# Year Producer Film
1st 1998 Lee Choon-yeon
Whispering Corridors, Art Museum by the Zoo
2nd 1999 Kim Mi-hee
(Fun & Happiness Film)
Attack the Gas Station
3rd 2000 Shim Jae-myung
(Myung Films)
Joint Security Area
4th 2001 Oh Ki-min
(Masulpiri Pictures)
Take Care of My Cat
5th 2002 Kang Woo-suk
(Cinema Service)
Chi-hwa-seon, Jail Breakers
6th 2003 Cha Seung-jae
Memories of Murder
7th 2004 Kim Dong-joo
8th 2005 Oh Jeong-wan, Eugene Lee You Are My Sunshine
9th 2006 Choi Yong-bae
The Host
10th 2007 Kim Jong-won
Beyond the Years
11th 2008 Park Chan-wook
(Moho Films)
Crush and Blush
Kim Ki-duk
(Kim Ki-duk Film)
Rough Cut
12th 2009 Yoon Je-kyoon
(JK Films)
13th 2010 Lee Tae-heon
(Opus Pictures)
The Man from Nowhere
14th 2014 Choi Jae-won
(withUs Film)
The Attorney
15th 2015 Shim Jae-myung
(Myung Films)
Cart, Revivre
16th 2016 Shin Yeon-shick Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet

Best Independent Film Director[edit]

# Year Director Film
1st 1998 N/A N/A
2nd 1999 N/A N/A
3rd 2000 N/A N/A
4th 2001 N/A N/A
5th 2002 N/A N/A
6th 2003 N/A N/A
7th 2004 N/A N/A
8th 2005 N/A N/A
9th 2006 Leesong Hee-il No Regret
10th 2007 Yoon Seong-ho Milky Way Liberation Front
11th 2008 Jung Byung-gil Action Boys
12th 2009 Yang Ik-june Breathless
13th 2010 Hong Hyung-sook The Border City 2
14th 2014 Lee Su-jin Han Gong-ju
15th 2015 Woo Moon-gi The King of Jokgu
16th 2016 Ahn Gooc-jin Alice in Earnestland

Special awards[edit]

# Year Category Recipient
2nd 1999 Film Artist of the Year Ahn Sung-ki
Kang Je-gyu
Yang Ki-hwan
6th 2003 Film Artist of the Year Shim Jae-myung
7th 2004 Film Artist of the Year Kim Ki-duk
Park Chan-wook
8th 2005 Special Acting Award Lee Eun-ju
9th 2006 Best Ensemble Acting Award[14] Song Kang-ho, Byun Hee-bong, Park Hae-il,
Bae Doona, Go Ah-sung (The Host cast)
Film Artist of the Year Lee Choon-yeon (영화인회 이사장)
12th 2009 Memorial Award Jang Jin-young
17th 2017 Vision Award Choi Seung-ho (Criminal Conspiracy)
Genre Award Train to Busan - Yeon Sang-ho
18th 2018 Vision Award Kim Ui-seok (After My Death)
Screenplay Award Kim Kyung-chan (1987: When the Day Comes)


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