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Director-General of Security
Duncan Lewis (2).jpg
Duncan Lewis

since 15 September 2014
AppointerSir Peter Cosgrove
Term length7 years
Inaugural holderJustice Geoffrey Reed

The Director-General of Security is the executive officer of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), Australia's national security agency. The Director-General, through ASIO, has overall responsibility for the protection of the country and its citizens from espionage, sabotage (especially sabotage of critical infrastructure), politically motivated violence, attacks on the Australian defence system, terrorism and acts of foreign interference.

The Director-General is assisted by two Deputy Directors-General, although only one of the former Deputies, David Fricker, has been publicly identified.[citation needed] David Fricker left ASIO in 2011.[1] The Director-General is subject to the directions of the Attorney-General, although convention allows the Director-General direct access to the Prime Minister. The Director-General of Security is often regarded as Australia's 'top spy', even though they may not have been previously engaged in intelligence upon appointment.[2] The incumbent Director-General is Duncan Lewis, appointed on 15 September 2014.

The Director-General is appointed by the Governor-General on the advice of the Prime Minister and holds office under the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Act 1979.[3] The normal term of appointment is limited to seven years, although the Director-General is eligible for reappointment.[4]

Directors-General of Security[edit]

Tenure Name
1949–1950 Justice Sir Geoffrey Reed
1950–1970 Brigadier Sir Charles Spry, CBE, DSO
1970–1975 Peter Barbour
1975–1976 Frank Mahony, CB, OBE
1976–1981 Justice Sir Edward Woodward, OBE
1981–1985 Harvey Barnett, AO
1985–1988 Alan Wrigley, AO
1988–1992 John Moten
1992–1996 David Sadleir, AO
1996–2005 Dennis Richardson, AO
2005–2009 Paul O'Sullivan, AO
2009–2014 David Irvine, AO
2014–present Major General Duncan Lewis, AO, DSC, CSC

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