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The role of the Director of Audit is to ensure the financial order of the Hong Kong Government and heads the Audit Commission. This role is similar to that of Auditors General or auditors in other jurisdictions. The director reports directly to the Chief Executive of Hong Kong.

List of Directors of Audit[1][edit]



  • Hilgrove Clement Nicolle (1890-1904)
  • Hugh Richard Phelips (1904-1930)
  • Percival Lorimer Collision, OBE (1930-1938)
  • Arnold Pollard (1938-1948)

Directors of Audit[edit]

British Administration[edit]

  • Percival Henry Jennings, CBE (1948-1955)
  • Frank Ernest Lovell Carter, CBE (1955-1959)
  • William John Dupre Cooper, CBE (1959-1965)
  • Denis George Briton, OBE (1965-1970)
  • Percy Thomas Warr (1970-1975)
  • Gordon Evershed Lyth, OBE (1975-1982)
  • Norman Bertram Stalker, OBE (1982-1988)
  • Robert Jeffrey Hutt, OBE (1988-1992)
  • Brian George Jenney, OBE (1992-1995)
  • Dominic Chan, SBS JP (1995-1997)

Post Handover[edit]

Name Took office Left office
Dominic Chan, SBS 1997 2003
Benjamin Tang, JP 2003 2012
David Sun, JP 2012 Incumbent


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