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The Director of the National Reconnaissance Office (DNRO) of the United States is responsible to the Secretary of Defense (through the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence) and the Director of National Intelligence for all national space and assigned airborne reconnaissance activities. The DNRO provides top-level management direction to the NRO in response to Secretary of Defense and Director of National Intelligence requirements.

Below is a list of directors of the National Reconnaissance Office, and the terms in office.

Chronological list of National Reconnaissance Office directors[edit]

Photo Name Term of Office Presidential Administration(s) Significant events
Richard M. Bissell Jr.jpg Dr. Richard M. Bissell, Jr. September 1961-February 1962[1] Kennedy Co-director with Dr. Charyk
Joseph V. Charyk.jpg Dr. Joseph V. Charyk September 1961-March 1963 Kennedy First NRO director
Brockway McMillan.jpg Dr. Brockway McMillan March 1963-October 1965 Kennedy/Johnson
Alexander H. Flax.jpg Dr. Alexander H. Flax October 1965-March 1969 Johnson
John L. McLucas.jpg Dr. John L. McLucas March 1969-December 1973 Nixon
James W. Plummer.jpg Mr. James W. Plummer December 1973-June 1976 Nixon/Ford
Thomas C. Reed.jpg Mr. Thomas C. Reed August 1976-April 1977 Ford/Carter
Hans Mark.jpg Dr. Hans Mark August 1977-October 1979 Carter
Robert J. Hermann.jpg Dr. Robert J. Hermann October 1979-August 1981 Carter/Reagan
Edward C. Aldridge Jr.jpg Mr. Edward (Pete) C. Aldridge, Jr. August 1981-December 1988 Reagan
Martin C. Faga.JPEG Mr. Martin C. Faga September 1989-March 1993 Bush/Clinton Declassification of NRO
Jeffrey K. Harris.jpg Mr. Jeffrey K. Harris May 1994-February 1996 Clinton Declassification of CORONA/ARGON/LANYARD
Keith Hall 2.PNG Mr. Keith R. Hall March 1997 to December 2001 Clinton/Bush September 11, 2001 attacks
Peter B. Teets.jpg Mr. Peter B. Teets December 2001-March 2005 Bush
Donald M. Kerr.jpg Dr. Donald M. Kerr July 2005-October 2007 Bush
Scott Large NRO.png Mr. Scott F. Large October 2007-April 2009[2] Bush/Obama
Bruce Carlson NRO.jpg General Bruce Carlson, USAF (Ret.) June 2009–July 2012[3] Obama
Betty J. Sapp.jpg Ms. Betty J. Sapp July 2012-Present Obama

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