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The Directorate was the short-lived transitional government of Russia during the Russian Revolution. It consisted of five main ministers and lasted for about three weeks.


  1. Minister-President Alexander Kerensky
  2. Minister of Foreign Affairs Mikhail Tereschenko
  3. Military Minister Alexander Verkhovsky (Kommunarka)
  4. Marine Minister Dmitry Verderevsky
  5. Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Alexei Nikitin (Kommunarka)


The Directorate was founded by decree of the Russian Provisional Government on September 14, 1917. The Directorate was responsible for "public affairs until the establishment of the Cabinet." The Directorate was created to resolve the crisis stemming from the Kornilov Affair and the collapse of the Second Provisional Government.

On October 8, with the formation of the 3rd coalition, the Directorate was abolished.

During the Directorate Russia was proclaimed a republic and the State Duma of the Russian Empire was dissolved.

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