Directorate of Customs

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Directorate of Customs
Insignia of the Directorate of Customs
Customs Flag and Ensign of Iceland.svg
Flag of the Directorate of Customs
Agency overview
Legal personalityGovernmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
National agencyIceland
Operations jurisdictionIceland
Operational structure
Overviewed by ministryMinistry of Finance and Economic Affairs
HeadquartersTryggvagötu 19, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

Elected officer responsible
Agency executives
  • Snorri Olsen, Director-general
  • Sigurður Skúli Bergsson, Deputy director-general
Website (in English) (in Icelandic)

The Directorate of Customs (Icelandic: Tollstjóri) is the national customs service of Iceland. The Directorate of Customs is the law enforcement agency, which is in charge of not only the collection of customs duties, but also the detection of smuggling and confiscation of counterfeit items entering Iceland.


The Directorate of Customs was established in 1929, after the Act of Union allowed Iceland to create foreign policy apart from that of the Kingdom of Denmark. The Directorate of Customs falls under the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, as its primary duty is to control import duties, taxes, tariffs, and other state revenues.

The Directorate of Customs is not divided into separate regions or districts and has its headquarters at Tryggvagata 19, 101 Reykjavík. There are approximately 250 employees in the Directorate of Customs, who are spread out in various departments and duty-stations throughout Iceland.[1]



Order Title Picture English translation
1. Tollstjóri Chief of Customs
2. Aðstoðartollstjóri Assistant Chief of Customs
3. Forstöðumaður Tollasviðs Customs Manager
4. Yfirtollvörður Yfirtollvörður.GIF Head Customs Officer
5. Aðstoðaryfirtollvörður Aðstoðaryfirtollvörður.GIF Assistant Head Customs Officer
6. Aðalvarðstjóri
Aðalvarðstjori.GIF Chief Inspector
Chief Customs Specialist
7. Varðstjóri
Varðstjóri.GIF Inspector
Customs Specialist
8. Tollvörður að loknum skóla Loknumskóla.GIF Customs Officer after school
9. Tollvörður fyrir skóla Ánskóla.GIF Customs Officer before school

Collections duties[edit]

Aside from standard customs actions, which involve the collection of duties and tariffs on items imported into Iceland, as the sole enforcement agency for the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs and Directorate of Internal Revenue, the Directorate of Customs is also charged with the collection of various state taxes.

The taxes which Directorate of Customs collects include:

Property tax is handled by the municipalities and is thus not a customs matter.[3]



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