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The Directorate of Matriculation Schools, Tamil Nadu is an accreditation and governing body for secondary schools in Tamil Nadu, India. In a concept unique to Tamil Nadu (within India), until 1971 Universities also governed secondary schools, and such schools were accredited to the Matriculation system.[1] About 5% of schools in Tamil Nadu fall under this system.[2]

Schools use English as the language of instruction. They have a unique curriculum until class 10 and follow the Tamil Nadu State Board curriculum for classes 11 and 12.[3] Schools are accredited on an annual basis.[4]

For the academic year 2008-09, 2.31 million students were enrolled in the matriculation schools with a boy to girl ratio of 1:0.9. From 2001 to 2008, the pass percentage has been 90 and above excepting for 2002 when it dipped to 87.


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