Directory Utility

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Directory Utility
Directory Utility Logo.png
Developer(s) Apple Computer
Stable release 2.0.1 (294.1) / August 5, 2009
Operating system Mac OS X
Type Utility
License Proprietary

Directory Utility is a utility included with the Mac OS X operating system to configure connections to directory services.

In OS X 10.6 to 10.9, Directory Utility is in the /System/Library/CoreServices/ - it can be accessed through the GUI via the Accounts System Preferences panel, after clicking 'Join' next to Network Account Server, and then clicking 'Open Directory Utility. '[1][2]

In OS X 10.10 Directory Utility moved to /System/Library/CoreServices/Applications.

Prior to Mac OS X 10.5, this tool was named Directory Access.

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