Dirk III van Brederode

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Dirk III van Brederode (ca. 1308 – Haarlem, 11 November 1377) was lord of Brederode.

He was the son of William van Brederode and grandson of Dirk II van Brederode. His mother was Elisabeth of Cleves (also called Elsbee), a daughter of Diederik II of Cleves. Dirk III was officially named lord of Brederode in 1333 by William III, count of Holland. In 1350/51, during the Hook and Cod wars, Dirk supported the faction of Margaret of Bavaria, but was captured at the battle of Zwartewaal (also called the battle on the Meuse). He was later released in return for a monetary payment.

Brederode coat of arms

Dirk III married around 1334 with Beatrix van Heinsberg and Valkenburg, a daughter of Reinoud I van Valkenburg. They had at least four children together:

  • Reinoud I, 6th lord of Brederode, (1336–1390).
  • Walraven van Brederode, (1338/1340 – 17 August 1369)
  • Dirk van Brederode, knight, (1340/1342 – 1387)
  • William van Brederode, owner of the lordship of Waalwyck (1346–1390)


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Preceded by
Dirk II van Brederode
Lord of Brederode
Succeeded by
Reinoud I van Brederode