Dirk Mai

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Dirk Mai
Nationality United States
Occupation photographer
Known for Cliché Magazine, The Maine

Dirk Mai is an American photographer, currently working for Cliché Magazine.[1]

From May 3-August 31, 2008, photographs of Mai were on display in The Andy Warhol Museum (Pittsburgh, PA). Deemed an 'Uberstar'--along with designer Rami Kashou, internet celebrity Cory Kennedy, model/designer Audrey Kitching, journalist Rose Apodaca and writer/actor Clint Catalyst—Mai was hand-picked by sculptor/visual artist Glenn Kaino to represent his 21st Century take on Andy Warhol's Superstars.[2][3] For the exhibit, Kaino took portraits of his "Uberstars" using a Polaroid Big Shot camera, the same camera Warhol used for his infamous series. Kaino's Polaroids and Warhol's portraits were then juxtaposed, aligning each of Kaino's cyber-celebrities to their Superstar-era counterpart.[4] In the summer of 2009 Mai is also known to have dated Disney Superstar Demi Lovato, which also gained him some recognition from the public...

Most recently, Mai provided the photography for The Maine (band)'s book, This Is Real Life, which documented the band's 2009 Warped Tour experience he is also close friends with the band and films most of their recent videos.[5] Additionally, he has worked with Los Angeles-based designers Skin Graft Designs and Brian Lichtenberg.[6]

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