Dirt Bike Annie

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Dirt Bike Annie
Dirt Bike Annie.jpg
Jeanie Lee and Adam Rabuck of Dirt Bike Annie
Background information
Also known as DBA, The Lee Majors
Origin Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
Genres Pop punk, Power pop
Years active 1993–2005, 2010
Labels Mutant Pop, Dirt Nap, Whoa Oh, Stardumb, Richie
Past members Adam Rabuck (guitar, vocals)
Jeanie Lee (guitar, vocals)
Dan Paquin (bass, vocals)
Mike Yannich (drums)
Heth Weinstein aka Dirt Bike Deano (drums)
Tommy Vinton (drums)
Dennis Donaghy (drums)

Dirt Bike Annie was a rock band from Jersey City, New Jersey that played pop punk and power pop music.[1] Founder, guitarist and lead singer Adam Rabuck has gone on to form The Impulse International.

Band history[edit]

Dirt Bike Annie was formed in 1993 by Adam Rabuck while he was a student at New York University.[2] The band's two other consistent members throughout the years were bassist/vocalist Dan Paquin and guitarist/vocalist Jeanie Lee. Drummers in the band include Mike Yannich (later of The Ergs!), Heth Weinstein[3] (later of Heth and Jed, who during his tenure with the band was called "Dirt Bike Deano"), Tommy Vinton from Too Much Joy, and Dennis Donaghy.

At the top of 1996, Dirt Bike Annie released their first 7" on their own label called Richie Records.[4]

During the early phase of the career of rapper mc chris, DBA regularly performed as his backing band under their stage name, 'The Lee Majors'.

In 2003, the band contributed two songs to the Project Gotham Racing 2 soundtrack.[5]

After a decade of touring and releasing records, the group finally disbanded in 2005 when Lee and Paquin each left the band. One of their last shows together was on May 3 of that year, opening for mc chris at the Continental club in New York City. Lee left the band first, and Paquin decided to leave shortly thereafter.[6] At that point, the remaining members decided it best to break up the band for good.[7]

In 2010, Rabuck, Paquin and Mike Yannich played a 90-minute reunion set at the Insubordination Fest in Baltimore.



  • Hit The Rock — Mutant Pop Records, 1999
  • Live Jersey City 2000: Sweatin' to the Oldies — Mutant Pop Records, 2000
  • It Ain't Easy Bein' Single (Vinyl EPs and Rarities) — Dirt Nap Records, 2001
  • The Ellis Island Rendezvous — Stardumb Records, 2002 Split with The Popsters.
  • Show Us Your Demons — Dirt Nap Records, 2003


  • It Ain't Easy Bein' Stupid EP — Richie Records, 1996
  • Choco-Berri Sugar Pops EP — Mutant Pop Records
  • Night of the Living Rock and Roll Creation EP — Knock Knock Records
  • The Wedding EP — Whoa Oh Records Split double EP with the Kung Fu Monkeys.

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