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For the 2007 video game, see Colin McRae: Dirt.

Dirt Game is an Australian drama television series that screened on the ABC. It was a six-part series that was announced in July 2009.[1] It premiered on 19 April 2009 and finished on 25 May 2009. It stars Joel Edgerton (Secret Life of Us and Dangerous ) and Freya Stafford (White Collar Blue).


Dirt Game is set in a company in the mining industry with boardroom backstabbing, growing safety and environmental issues, financial pressures and employee unrest. Brian Jardine (Gerald Lepkowski) is a British oil executive and Megan Kerr (Freya Stafford) is an Australian geologist who have been given six months to turn the company’s fortunes around. Their strongly committed specialist team is made up of engineer Max Mees (Shane Connor), ex-unionist Shane Bevic (Joel Edgerton) and former environmentalist Caz Cohen (Katie Wall).


The series contains six 50-minute episodes is shot on location in Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia. It was written by Michael Harvey and produced by David Taft and Michael Harvey. It is directed by Brendan Maher and Grant Brown.


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