Dirt Track Racing (video game)

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Dirt Track Racing (DTR)
Dirt Track Racing
Cover art of Dirt Track Racing
Developer(s) Ratbag Games
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
  • NA: January 31, 2000[1]
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Single-player

Dirt Track Racing (or DTR for short) is a computer video game by the now defunct Ratbag Games. It is the first game of the dirt track racing series by Ratbag, which includes Dirt Track Racing (DTR), Dirt Track Racing: Sprint Cars (DTRSC), and Dirt Track Racing 2 (DTR2). It was one of the first authentic dirt track racing simulations in the video game market.

Game modes[edit]



In the Career Mode, players race through their careers, earning money to upgrade their cars. Success brings more money, and sponsors, which help pay the bills.

Quick Action[edit]

In the Quick Action Mode, players race against computer AI players in regular races consisting of heats and features in short mode, or full racing programs consisting of hot laps, qualifying, heats, semi-features (B-, C-, D-Mains), and features (A-Mains).


In Multiplayer Mode, players can race other players from all over the world via GameSpy Client-Servers.

Race vehicles[edit]

Players can choose from 18 different cars, spread over 3 classes.

Stock Class Year/Name Pro-Stock Class Year/Name Late Model Model Name
1968 Lightning 1967 SE 1000 Centaur
1968 Lion 1970 Hammerhead Formula
1969 Jupiter 1972 Mars GT Mars
1970 Rio Grande 1973 Rio Grande Rio Grande
1978 Nile Grand Daddy Solar


  • Note: Some of the tracks depicted in the game are real-life tracks (e.g. Manzanita Speedway), some are fictional tracks (e.g. Thunder Alley), and are renamed real tracks, most notably, Nocks Hill (Knoxville, IA).


Track Name Track Length Track "Location" Track Name Track Length Track "Location"
34 Raceway 3/8 Mile Burlington, IA Arlington Raceway 1/2 Mile Arlington, MN
Aztec Speedway 1/3 Mile Aztec, MN Bodin Valley Motor Raceway 1/4 Mile Sacramento, CA
Boyd Raceway 1/4 Mile Boyd, TX Brewerton Speedway 1 Mile Brewerton, NY
Can-Am Speedway 1/2 Mile LaFargeville, NY Creek County Raceway 1/4 Mile Sapulpa, OK
Dodge County Fairgrounds 1/2 Mile Beaver Dam, WI Eagle Raceway 3/4 Mile Lincoln, NE
Eldon Raceway 1/2 Mile Eldon, IA Fairmont Speedway 1/2 Mile Fairmont, MN
Green Speedway 4/9 Mile Green,CA Jackson Speedway 3/4 Mile Jackson, MN
Kings Speedways 3/4 Mile Hanford, CA Manzanita Speedway 1/4 Mile Phoenix, AZ
Muskogee Speedway 1/2 Mile Muskogee, OK Nocks Hill 1/2 Mile Nocks, IA
North Texas Motor Speedway 1/4 Mile Royse City, TX Oldero Speedway 1/2 Mile Oldero, OH
Paris Motor Speedway 3/8 Mile Paris, TX Roush Raceway 3/4 Mile Roush, AZ
Shawano Speedway 1/2 Mile Shawano, WI Southern Iowa Speedway 3/4 Mile Oskaloosa, IA
Stuart Raceway 1/4 Mile Stuart, IA Talladega Short Track 3/8 Mile Talladega, AL
Wakeeny Speedway 1/6 Mile Wakeeny, KS

Figure 8 Tracks[edit]

Track Name Track Length Track "Location"
34 Figure 8 1/4 Mile Burlington, IA
Brewerton Figure 8 3/4 Mile Brewerton, NY
Thunder Alley 1/2 Mile Thunder Alley Motorsports, FL

Unsupported features[edit]

One of the most used unsupported features is the ability for users to create skins, cars, and tracks easily with outside software. Some players have even found software that allows them to change the .DE2 files to create entirely new cars and tracks, instead of just renaming existing cars.

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