Dirt Track Racing (video game)

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Dirt Track Racing (DTR)
Dirt Track Racing
Cover art of Dirt Track Racing
Developer(s)Ratbag Games
Publisher(s)WizardWorks Software
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

Dirt Track Racing is a video game by the now defunct developer Ratbag Games.[1] It is the first game in the series, which includes Dirt Track Racing, Dirt Track Racing: Sprint Cars, and Dirt Track Racing 2.


GameSpot said, "Even with all of Dirt Track Racing's finer points, it's hard to overlook its repetitive tracks and racing events.". They awarded the game a score of 6.6 (fair).,[2] IGN was positive saying, "Ratbag proves once again that they are the Kings of racing sims, even the bargain brand." They gave a score of 8.8 (Great).[3]

Dirt Track Racing won Computer Games Strategy Plus's 1999 "Racing Game of the Year" award. The editors wrote, "It humbles more expensive products with over 30 tracks and dozens of cars, excellent physics ... and plenty of tuning options."[4]


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