Dirt Trax FX

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Dirt Trax FX
Dirt Trax FX
North American cover art
Developer(s) Sculptured Software
Publisher(s) Acclaim Entertainment
Platform(s) Super NES
  • NA: June 1995
  • PAL: 1995
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Single-player and Multiplayer

Dirt Trax FX is a racing video game developed by Sculptured Software and released by Acclaim Entertainment for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1995. The 3D graphics of the game were made possible by the Super FX powered GSU-1, which was built into the cartridge.[1]


The player can choose between eight different riders with unique characteristics and four bikes ranging from 50cc to 500cc. There are 22 tracks with four difficulty levels of gameplay.[2]

The game is part of a small list of 3D games on the Super NES, and is part of an even smaller list of 3D games on the platform that allows two players to play simultaneously, albeit with frame rate issues.


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