Dirty Americans

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Dirty Americans
OriginDetroit, Michigan, United States
Years active2001–2012
Liquor & Poker
Takes The Biscuit
Associated actsThe Workhorse Movement
MembersMyron (Vocals)
Freedom (Guitar)
Pete (Bass)
Jeremiah (Drums)

The Dirty Americans are a Detroit-based rock band that has released one album and EP. They are working on a new album produced by guitarist Kenny Olson and Shannon Boone, (a.k.a. The Scorpio Brothers).

The band was formed out of the ashes of The Workhorse Movement, an American band who had brief success in the UK and toured with Pitchshifter as well as touring the US on the Tattoo the Earth tour with the likes of Slayer. Myron (real name Matt Kozuch), Freedom (real name Jeff Piper) and Pete (real name Patrick) formed the Dirty Americans when the Workhorse Movement collapsed in December 2000. They advertised for a drummer and the first response was from Jeremiah Pilbeam a Dundee, MI native. Walking into the audition in a pair of snake skin boots he was hired immediately as Myron liked his style. When asked what type of band he'd like to be in Jeremiah responded "I'd like to be in a band that just plays dirty American rock", and so the band was named.

With Myron, Freedom and Pete having already signed personal contracts with Roadrunner Records when with The Workhorse Movement the record company wanted to hear demos of the new band immediately. A three track demo was produced and one track, Nuclear Bomb, aired on Total Rock Radio's (a UK-based internet radio station) breakfast show on July 3, 2001.

The band recorded an album's worth of material in December 2001 with Paul Ebersold, but Roadrunner Records held up the release of any material. An EP, ... Kiss 'Em All Goodbye, was finally released in the US in August 2003 containing 3 songs and 2 demos from the recording session. An album, Strange Generation, was finally released in Europe, Japan and Australia in March 2004, and tours of Japan and Europe followed. The US release of the album was held up, and the band was released from their contract with Roadrunner Records. When they later signed with Liquor & Poker Music, the band finally saw their debut album released in the US.

The Dirty Americans have toured across the US and the UK, and have appeared on some of the most prestigious music festivals around the world such as: The Download Festival at Donington Park with Metallica, Slayer, KoЯn & Slipknot; the Festimad Festival with Jet and Ben Harper; the Iggy And The Stooges Reunion; the Summer Sonic Festival with Green Day, Beastie Boys, the Go-Go's, MC5 & Silvertide; the Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park with KoЯn, Yellowcard, & the Black Eyed Peas; the Detroit Harley festival with Trapt, Clutch and Tantric and the Alice Cooper tour.

The Dirty Americans' EP is being played on over 200 stations, including CHUO, WCUR, WSUM & WLUR. Look for an upcoming album release later this year on Takes The Biscuit. Their song "Car Crash" is featured on the soundtrack for the PlayStation 2 video game Gran Turismo 4. Throughout many independent organizations Notorious wrestler Kidd X has used the band's song "Detroit SOB" for his entrance music.


Year of Release Title Label
2003 ...Kiss 'em All Goodbye [EP] Roadrunner Records (US Only)
2004 Strange Generation Roadrunner Records (Europe, Japan, Australia)
Liquor & Poker Music (US)
2007 Jet Black Holy Water [EP] (US only) (US)
2008 Detroit S.O.B. [EP] (US only) (US)
2011 Black Feather [iTunes]

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