Dirty Little Secrets

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Dirty Little Secrets: music to STRIP by...
Dirty Little Secrets.jpg
Remix album by My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
Released 26 October 1999
Genre Industrial
Label Rykodisc
Producer Buzz McCoy[1]
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult remix album chronology
Dirty Little Secrets: Music To Strip By...
Golden Pillz: The Luna Remixes

Dirty Little Secrets: music to STRIP by... is the first remix album by industrial music group My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult. The album is a collection of remixes, b-sides, and previously unreleased tracks reminiscent of their sound from the era of Sexplosion! and Hit & Run Holiday.[1]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Dirty Little Secrets" ("Lula's Lounge" mix) 3:54
2. "Strippers Only" ("China's" mix) 4:02
3. "Hard, Fast And Beautiful" ("Tight" mix) 4:00
4. "Operation Sex-Trip" ("High Heels" mix) 3:36
5. "Eight Of Space" ("Dreamer's" mix) 3:14
6. "Babylon Drifter" ("Pusher" mix) 4:16
7. "Martini Built For 2" ("Daddy O" mix) 4:28
8. "Dimentia 66" ("Cherry's" mix) 3:27
9. "Wasted Time" ("Lap Dance" mix) 3:53
10. "Doris Love Club" ("Lizard" mix) 4:01
11. "Hungry Venus" ("BlueBoy" mix) 2:40
12. "Sexplosion!" ("Orgazm" mix) 4:05
13. "Naked In The Grass" ("Scorpio's" mix) 3:18
14. "Golden Strip" ("Bomb Gang Girlz" mix) 3:21
15. "Starlet Street" ("JJ's" mix) 2:35
16. "International Sin Set" ("Rhonda Bond" mix) 4:14
17. "Dirty Little Secrets" ("Kiss The Boys" mix) 4:11
18. "Hard, Fast And Beautiful" ("Club Ex" mix) 6:48
Total length: 70:03



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