Dirty Mind Tour

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Dirty Mind Tour
Tour by Prince
Associated albumDirty Mind
Start dateDecember 4, 1980
End dateApril 6, 1981
No. of shows30
Prince concert chronology

The Dirty Mind Tour was a concert tour by American recording artist Prince, his second tour in support of his third album Dirty Mind. The tour lasted from late December 1980 until April 1981.


The tour focused on material from Prince's second and third albums, and marks the debut of Lisa Coleman on keyboards, replacing Gayle Chapman who left following the previous tour. Prince had begun playing "Head" during the Prince Tour, which ultimately caused her to leave the band as she felt the song's lyrics and on-stage antics conflicted with her religious beliefs. After the tour, the band would be further depleted by the departure of bassist André Cymone. Cymone would leave over a number of grievances with Prince—a number of which were that his contributions to Prince's music went uncredited, his lack of input in the studio, and most of all he was ready to start his own career—but some feel that his bitter feelings toward Prince stem from his belief that he should have been treated better after his family offered Prince a home when he left his father's house.[1] Cymone would later claim that Prince stole many of his ideas that were used for The Time and that he created the bassline for Controversy's "Do Me, Baby".[2]

Additionally, with this tour, Prince updated his look. After being told by his managers that he could not wear spandex pants without any underwear, Prince began performing in a long trench coat, black high heeled boots and leggings, and black bikini underwear.

Opening acts[edit]

  • Curtiss A
  • Nona Hendryx & Zero Cool

Set list[edit]

The Dirty Mind Tour focused heavily on Dirty Mind, along with the fan-favorites from Prince. Typically the concert started with "Do It All Night", followed by "Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?" and "Gotta Broken Heart Again". This sometimes led into the unreleased "Broken". "When You Were Mine" was sometimes followed by the unreleased (and later B-side) "Gotta Stop (Messin' About)". "Sexy Dancer" was usually followed by "Sister". The sweet "I Wanna Be Your Lover" segued into "Head" — a tradition which continued into later tours. The ballad "Still Waiting" cooled things down before the audience was urged to "Partyup". "Uptown" and "Dirty Mind" were also regular numbers, completing all of the album tracks.

  1. "Do It All Night"
  2. "Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?"
  3. "Gotta Broken Heart Again"
  4. "Broken"
  5. "When You Were Mine"
  6. "Sexy Dancer"
  7. "Sister"
  8. "I Wanna Be Your Lover"
  9. "Head"
  10. "Still Waiting"
  11. "Partyup"1
  12. "Uptown"
  13. "Crazy You"1
  14. "Gotta Stop (Messin' About)"
  15. "Dirty Mind"
  1. "Everybody Dance"1
  2. "Bambi"1

1performed on March 9th, at Sam's Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota[3]

The band[edit]

Tour dates[edit]

Prior to the Dirty Mind Tour, Prince took his band to Europe for three shows in Amsterdam, London and Paris.

Date City Country Venue
North America—Leg 1
December 4, 1980 Buffalo United States Shea's Buffalo
December 5, 1980 Washington, D.C. Warner Theatre
December 7, 1980 Raleigh Raleigh Civic Center
December 9, 1980 New York City The Ritz
December 11, 1980 Charleston Charleston Civic Center
December 12, 1980 Chattanooga Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Auditorium
December 13, 1980 Nashville Tennessee Theatre
December 14, 1980 Atlanta Fox Theatre
December 18, 1980 Memphis Ellis Auditorium
December 20, 1980 Detroit Cobo Arena
December 26, 1980 Chicago Uptown Theatre
North America—Leg 2
March 9, 1981 Minneapolis United States Sam's Theater
March 11, 1981 Royal Oak Royal Oak Music Theatre
March 13, 1981 Atlanta Agora Ballroom
March 15, 1981 Virginia Beach Rogues
March 16, 1981 Baltimore ??
March 17, 1981 Boston Metro
March 18, 1981 Cherry Hill Emerald City
March 20, 1981 Ypsilanti Bowen Field House
March 22, 1981 New York City The Ritz
March 24, 1981 Chicago Park West
March 26, 1981 Denver Rainbow Music Hall
March 29, 1981 San Francisco The Stone
March 31, 1981 West Hollywood Flipper's Palace
April 3, 1981 San Antonio Majestic Theatre
April 4, 1981 Dallas McFarlin Memorial Auditorium
April 5, 1981 Houston Hofheinz Pavilion
April 6, 1981 New Orleans Saenger Theatre


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