Dirty Penny

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Dirty Penny
OriginSanta Cruz, California, United States
GenresGlam metal
Years active2005–2011
LabelsDirty Penny
WebsiteOfficial site
MembersBinge Daniels
Johnny Prynce
Tyno Vincent
Spanky Savage

Dirty Penny was a glam metal band from Santa Cruz, California. Their music is identified as glam or sleaze metal, with their influences being Mötley Crüe, AC/DC, Skid Row, Judas Priest, Poison, and Guns N' Roses. Dirty Penny has currently released two albums, Take it Sleezy (2007), and Young & Reckless- released on September 17, 2009.


Dirty Penny formed in Santa Cruz, California. They gained popularity by winning a "Battle of the Bands" run by jpotmusic.com. Their music has been described as "glittery-glam", "sex-fueled", and "leather-encased". It is reminiscent of 80's glam metal made popular by the likes of Mötley Crüe, Poison, Guns N' Roses, RATT, and Skid Row.

Dirty Penny was originally a Poison cover band, ironically called Antidote. They later had to drop Antidote due to a Dutch band of the same name.
Dirty Penny has since played at all 3 Rocklahoma Festivals, and is working on playing 2010.

Bassist Tyno Molinaro (Tyno Vincent) said this about the band:

"We were into old-school punk, like The Misfits, when we first got into music, then got into glam as a fuck-you to our hometown...But punk's got a lot of rules, and that's not very punk. Rock'n'roll doesn't have any rules -- everybody can do drugs or not do drugs or dress however they want. A lot of people are tired of the screamo/I'm-not-okay thing. It's like, everyone's not okay, you know? Forget about it. Have fun. That's what you do with music -- you forget about your shit."

“Antidote was like our training wheels when we were learning how to play, but I consider the start of our band as being when we became Dirty Penny and recorded our album...There are a lot of haters...We’re labeled a cover band in Santa Cruz and that’ll probably never change, but it’s cool to go out and experience respect for what we’re doing now from older metal bands.”

Take it Sleezy
Dirty Penny's debut album is Take it Sleezy, released on 8/2/2007.

Young & Reckless
Released on September 17, 2009.

For this album, Dirty Penny altered their look from their original "glittery-glam" to a more modern, less-showy getup. Fans tend to argue their music has not changed, despite their outward appearance.
They have also revamped their official website, becoming much more professional in terms of design and layout.

Promotional Material: "Don’t call it an accident.

The long-awaited second album from Dirty Penny is sitting on the boilerplate, bubbling over and itching to be unleashed on the eardrums of Rock N Roll fans across the globe. The mass following 'The Boys', (Binge Daniels on vocals, Jonny Prynce on guitar, Tyno Vincent on bass, and Spanky Savage on drums) have developed over the past three years is nothing short of amazing. It seems, to the ill informed, that the road-warrior, un relentless attitude, sleepless nights and booze-fueled mayhem has thrust Dirty Penny into the spotlight: on accident.

But rest assured, with one listen, this is no accident.

Having developed an incredibly strong fan base in America, a following overseas that has tattooed ‘The Boys’ brand onto their bodies and a spine-shivering, electric live show to match – it seems their antics have begun to pay off – big time.

Citing influences such as: Mötley Crüe, Poison, Guns N' Roses, and L.A. Guns - Dirty Penny has not only embraced and absorbed the sex-fueled, leather-encased sound and image, they've brought it to a new generation, shoved it down their pants, thrown it against the wall a few times, and tattooed it into their souls.

Having topped the charts as the 38th classic rock album of 2008 (it was their debut), graced the pages of Rolling Stone, Spin and countless others - Dirty Penny is gearing up to unleash their second effort: “The Young and The Reckless”. The record is a youthful, raw and electric sound unlike anything that exists today. A seamless blend of Rock N Roll and Metal – with an un-deniable ability to string the entire project together with vibrant punk undertones, ‘The Boys’ have taken an older era and made it relevant in 2010. Yes, a daunting, nothing short of amazing task – but don’t you call it an accident…..not even for a second.

Dirty Penny will release their second album, “Young & Reckless”, in September 2009. They will follow this album with a 10-week, headlining, national tour. Be sure to catch them in a city near you."

In mid-2009 Dirty Penny embarked on the aforementioned headlining tour with Vains of Jenna.
On this tour, Dirty Penny had a run-in with a woman who they deemed the "crazy bitch". She followed the band and asked for a free ride to LA, which they refused due to space restrictions. After they took off for LA, she followed them for a good while down the freeway. Something took over this woman, and she decided to ram Dirty Penny's van multiple times while driving. This incident resulted in their new Young & Wrecked tour poster.

Departure of Lead Singer
On October 25, 2010 Dirty Penny's social sites posted that lead singer Binge Daniels has left the band on good terms. It is unclear if they are looking for a new singer or where they will go from here.

Members Current Projects
On February 14, 2011, Jonny, using his real name of Ian MacPherson, appeared with his sister and the band Wildstreet on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' in a skit to have his hair permed. Ian referred to Wildstreet as 'his band'.

Bassist "Tyno Vincent" real name Tyler Molinaro joined American Idol Finalist James Durbin's solo band for his upcoming tour in 2011/12.


All members of the band have adopted pseudonyms, or different names.

Vocals - Binge Daniels (Matt Biggam)
Guitar -Jonny Prynce (Ian MacPherson)
Bass - Tyno Vincent (Tyler Molinaro)
Drums - Spanky Savage (Spencer Joseph)



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