Dirty Sanchez (band)

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Dirty Sanchez
Origin Los Angeles, California, USA
Genres Electroclash, Gothic rock
Years active 2001–present
Labels Hypnotic
Associated acts Jackie Beat, DJ Barbeau
Website wearedirtysanchez.com
Members Jackie Beat
Mario Diaz
DJ Barbeau

Dirty Sanchez is an electroclash band that was formed in Los Angeles in 2001 and includes comedy writer Jackie Beat, Mario Diaz and DJ Barbeau.

Dirty Sanchez has a very strong following on the West Coast, playing to full houses and has also toured the East Coast with Thrill Kill Kult.


Barbeau has DJed as the opening acts for Duran Duran and for Moby. He was one of the leaders in concerts and nightlife in Seattle hosting some of the biggest parties and events there. Jackie Beat, the singer, toured with Roseanne Barr as the opening act for her comedy routine. Mario Diaz has thrown dance parties that redefined the club scene in Seattle, New York and Los Angeles. He was the creator and co-owner of the infamous East Village venue, The Cock and The Fat Cock.


BADD Inc. compilation (2003)

''Electro Goth Tribute to Prince'' compilation (2004)
"U Got The Look"

Really Rich Italian Satanists EP (2004)

  1. Asymmetric
  2. Dig It
  3. Sex Dwarf
  4. Fucking On The Dancefloor

Antonio Says EP (2005)

  1. "Really Rich Italian Satanists" (Extended version)
  2. "Really Rich Italian Satanists" (Video version)
  3. "Fucking On The Dancefloor" (John B. Remix)
  4. "Really Rich Italian Satanists" (video) - CD only

A Tribute To Soft Cell: Non-Stop Electro Cabaret compilation (2006)
"Sex Dwarf"

Dirty Sanchez (2006)

  1. "Get It Wet"
  2. "Really Rich Italian Satanists"
  3. "Dinner Party!"
  4. "U Got The Look"
  5. "Amber On A 3-Way Call"
  6. "Youth In Asia"
  7. "Hollywood Blvd., 2:17 AM"
  8. "Tranny Sex"
  9. "(We Hate) Youth & Beauty"
  10. "Fucking On The Dance Floor" (John B. Remix)
  11. "Backlash"

"Give Head & Be Beautiful" - single (digital release) (2008)

  1. "Give Head & Be Beautiful"
  2. "Drive"

Give Head & Be Beautiful - The Remixes (digital release) (2008)

  1. "Give Head & Be Beautiful" (Slash Fiction Remix)
  2. "Give Head & Be Beautiful" (Rodolfo Juarez Remix)
  3. "Give Head & Be Beautiful" (Octavius Remix)
  4. "Give Head & Be Beautiful" (Bryan Thomas Hypermix)

Remixes Part 1 (digital release) (2009)

  1. "Really Rich Italian Satanists" (Baron Von Luxxury's Pasolini vs. Moroder Remix)
  2. "Youth In Asia" (Of Norway Death Disco Remix)
  3. "Youth In Asia" (Of Norway Death Disco Dub)

Remixes Part 2 (digital release) (2009)

  1. "U Got The Look" (Ramrod Mix By Thrill Kill Kult)
  2. "U Got The Look" (Jer Ber's Freaky Looks Radio Mix)
  3. "U Got The Look" (Jer Ber's Freaky Looks Mix)
  4. "U Got The Look" (Shok's Dirty Looks Mix)

Dirty Sanchez produced the remix of "Boom Box Chic" for fellow Los Angeles band Le Mans. Liz E. of Freezepop appears on this track. DJ Barbeau produced a remix for the song "Sex With Rich People" by Luxxury.

Other facts[edit]

Their songs, "Fucking On the Dancefloor", "Dig It" and "Asymmetric", appear in Eon McKai's adult film Neu Wave Hookers (2006).

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