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Dirty Sanchez is a purported sex act where feces is purposely smeared onto a partner's upper lip. Sex-advice columnist Dan Savage says the act is completely fictional.[1] Brian Bouldrey in Dirty Words: A Literary Encyclopedia of Sex says the act is an urban legend.[2] The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English says, "This appears to have been contrived with the intention to provoke shock rather than actually as a practice, although, no doubt, some have or will experiment."[3]


Columnist Gustavo Arellano of ¡Ask a Mexican! contends the term evokes the stereotypical mustache of a Mexican.[4] The term for the sex act entered British gay cant Polari in the 1960s.[5]

In the media[edit]

American heavy metal band Steel Panther mentioned Dirty Sanchez in their song titled "The Shocker" from the 2009 Feel the Steel album. Another band Sleazy RoXxX recorded song called "Dirty Sanchez" as their 2016 album Topless Suicide opener.

In the 2001 South Park episode "Proper Condom Use", the Filthy Sanchez is noted as a sexual act, among several other allusive terms for sexual acts. ("Hot Karl" was also mentioned.)

A 2004 advertisement for Unilever's Seedy Sanchez Pot Noodle featured a Mariachi band singing a song filled with double entendres about their noodles and the sex act.[6][7]

In the 2004 movie Dodgeball:A True Underdog Story, after their victory over the girl scout troop, they meet White Goodman and his team in a bar called "The Dirty Sanchez". The side of the building shows a woman with a moustache holding a beer.

It was mentioned in the 2005 film The 40-Year-Old Virgin along with Rusty Trombone by Mooj after learning Andy is a virgin.

In 2006, Dustin Diamond directed and released his own sex tape Screeched – Saved by the smell, which was marketed as depicting Diamond performing the sex act.[8][9] The film's marketer David Hans Schmidt appeared on the Howard Stern Show in October 2006, and Stern confirmed the act was performed in the film.[10]

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has ruled that the term is actionably indecent. WKRK-FM in Detroit, Michigan has twice been fined for using the term on air.[11][12] However, Rosenblat notes that the act was discussed and the term used frequently by Howard Stern.[13]

The television show Family Guy referenced it in an episode but made up the variation 'muddy Ramirez' due to network censoring.[14]

In DC Comics' Suicide Squad #22, the term was replaced with a made-up term, 'sloppy aardvark', in order to avoid editorial objections to the script.[15]

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