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Dirty Sanchez is a purported sex act where feces are purposely smeared onto a partner's upper lip. Sex-advice columnist Dan Savage says the act is completely fictional.[1] Brian Bouldrey in Dirty Words: A Literary Encyclopedia of Sex says the act is an urban legend.[2] The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English says, "This appears to have been contrived with the intention to provoke shock rather than actually as a practice, although, no doubt, some have or will experiment."[3]


Columnist Gustavo Arellano of ¡Ask a Mexican! contends the term evokes the stereotypical mustache of a Mexican.[4] The term for the sex act entered British gay cant Polari in the 1960s.[5]

In the media[edit]

American heavy metal band Steel Panther mentioned Dirty Sanchez in their song titled "The Shocker" from their album Feel the Steel (2009). Another band, Sleazy RoXxX, recorded a song called "Dirty Sanchez" as the opener for their album Topless Suicide' (2016).[citation needed]

In the South Park episode "Proper Condom Use" (2001), the Filthy Sanchez is noted as a sexual act, among several other allusive terms for sexual acts. "Hot Karl" was also mentioned.[citation needed]

A 2004 advertisement for Unilever's Seedy Sanchez Pot Noodle featured a Mariachi band singing a song filled with double entendres about their noodles and the sex act.[6][7]

In the movie Dodgeball:A True Underdog Story (2004), after their victory over the girl scout troop, they[who?] meet White Goodman and his team in a bar called "The Dirty Sanchez". The side of the building shows a woman with a moustache holding a beer.[citation needed]

It was mentioned in the film The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005) along with rusty trombone by Mooj after learning Andy is a virgin.[citation needed]

In 2006, Dustin Diamond directed and released his own sex tape Screeched – Saved by the smell (2006), which was marketed as depicting Diamond performing the sex act.[8][9] The film's marketer David Hans Schmidt appeared on the Howard Stern Show in October 2006, and Stern confirmed the act was performed in the film.[10]

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has ruled that the term is actionably indecent. WKRK-FM in Detroit, Michigan, has twice been fined for using the term on air.[11][12] However, Rosenblat notes that the act was discussed and the term used frequently by Howard Stern.[13][14]

The television show Family Guy referenced it in an episode but made up the variation 'muddy Ramirez' due to network censoring.[15]

In DC Comics' Suicide Squad #22, the term was replaced with a made-up term, 'sloppy aardvark', in order to avoid editorial objections to the script.[16]

In the Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto universe, the standard dirtbike is named the Sanchez, in an apparent reference to this purported sex act.[17]

In commerce[edit]

The Texas-based restaurant chain Torchy's Tacos offers a breakfast taco named the "Dirty Sanchez" on their regular menu. There is no obvious relation between the taco and the purported sex act.[18]

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