Dirty Workz

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Dirty Workz
Dirty Workz.jpeg
FounderKoen Bauweraerts (DJ Coone)
GenreHardstyle, Jumpstyle, Happy hard
Country of originBelgium
Official websitehttp://www.dirtyworkz.com/

Dirty Workz is a Belgian hardstyle, jumpstyle and happy hard record label founded in 2006 [1] by Koen Bauweraerts, also known as DJ Coone. Dirty Workz is home to many famous hardstyle acts, including Da Tweekaz, and Wasted Penguinz. Dirty Workz also releases many jumpstyle releases from artists like Fenix, Dr. Rude, & Demoniak. Dirty Workz is a sublabel of Toff Music, a larger Belgian label. Toff Music releases all the albums from the Dirty Workz artists,[2] while Dirty Workz itself focuses on digital and 12 inch releases.[3] Dirty Workz is the main label and contains different sublabels: ANARCHY, DWX Bounce and DWX Update. In 2016 a new sublabel was announced within Dirtyworkz known as Wolf Clan. In 2018 the happy hard sublabel Electric Fox was announced.


Dirty Workz

  • Amentis
  • Coone
  • Crystal Lake
  • Cyber
  • Da Tweekaz
  • Denza
  • Dillytek
  • Dr Phunk
  • Dr Rude
  • Ecstatic
  • Firelite
  • Hard Driver
  • Jay Reeve
  • Jesse Jax
  • JNXD
  • Mandy
  • Pherato
  • Phrantic
  • Primeshock
  • Psyko Punkz
  • Public Enemies (Hard Driver & Digital Punk)
  • Refuzion
  • Sickddellz
  • Sub Sonik
  • Sub Zero Project
  • Sylence
  • The Elite (Alias of Coone, Hard Driver, Da Tweekaz)
  • TNT (Technoboy 'N' Tuneboy)
  • Wasted Penguinz
  • Zatox

DWX Update

  • Aria
  • Blasco
  • Forever Lost
  • Heatwavez
  • Horyzon
  • Serzo
  • Synthsoldier
  • Yuta Imai

Wolf Clan

  • Rize
  • Talon
  • Teknoclash


  • Audiofreq

Electric Fox

  • Darren Styles
  • Jakka-B
  • Mike Enemy
  • Mike Reverie
  • Tatsunoshin (JP page)
  • Technikore
  • Tweekacore (Alias of Da Tweekaz)
  • Quickdrop


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