Disappearance of 'The Eagle'

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Disappearance of 'The Eagle'
Russian: Гибель «Орла»
Directed byVasily Zhuravlyov
Written by
Music by
CinematographyYuli Fogelman
CountrySoviet Union

Disappearance of 'The Eagle', (Russian: Гибель «Орла») is a 1940[1][2] Soviet adventure film directed by Vasily Zhuravlyov.[3]


The film takes place in 1920 during the civil war, the Soviet army fights on the outskirts of Novorossiysk. At the berths of the port is one of the most powerful domestic ships - the Eagle. The boatswain of the ship Mikhail Gruzdev was able to persuade Captain Chistyakov to put a red flag on the ship, the settlement of which the ship left Novorossiysk, and Gruzdev went in search of him.[4]


  • Nikolai Annenkov as Fyodor Platonovich Chistyakov, kapitan Orla (as N. A. Annenkov)
  • Viktor Gromov as Mikhail Terentevich Gruzdev botsman Orla i kapitan Kambaly (as V. A. Gromov)
  • Sergey Stolyarov as Fyodor Fyodorovich Chistyakov, vodolaz (as S. D. Stolyarov)
  • Mikhail Troyanovskiy as Ilya Mitrofanovich Svetlov, sudovoy vrach Kambaly (as M. K. Troyanovskiy)
  • Sergey Komarov as Storozh porta (as S. P. Komarov)
  • Lev Fenin as Belogvardeyskiy general (as L. A. Fenin)


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