Disappearance of Lars Mittank

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Lars Mittank
Born(1986-02-19)February 19, 1986
DisappearedJuly 8, 2014 (aged 28)
Varna, Bulgaria
StatusMissing for 4 years, 10 months and 29 days
Known forDisappearing without a trace

Lars Mittank[1] (born February 19, 1986) is a German man who disappeared on July 8, 2014, near Varna Airport in Varna, Bulgaria. Mittank was vacationing in Golden Sands where he was involved in a fight, and was unable to fly home with his friends for health reasons. Mittank was witnessed acting strangely while alone in Bulgaria, and days later disappeared into the forest around Varna Airport for unknown reasons.[2]

Disappearance and mysterious behaviour[edit]

On June 30, 2014, 28-year-old Lars Mittank traveled to the seaside resort of Golden Sands, Bulgaria vacationing with a group of friends.[3] On July 6, 2014, Mittank got into a fight with four other men after a disagreement over football: Mittank, a fan of the football club Werder Bremen, had differences with fans of Bayern Munich.[4] The fight resulted in Mittank suffering from a ruptured ear drum.[5] At the end of his trip, due to the ruptured ear drum, a doctor advised him not to fly[3] and prescribed an antibiotic named Cefuroxime (500 mg)[4] and later referred him to a hospital. His friends wanted to stay with him, but Mittank insisted he was fine on his own.

Mittank stayed in Bulgaria without his friends and checked into a cheap hotel.[3] However, a day after his friends left, Mittank began to act oddly, and his erratic behavior was recorded by the hotel's security cameras.[4] He spent only one night in the hotel but he was paranoid and frightened. Mittank sent a text message to his mother stating that he did not feel safe, that she should cancel his credit card and that he was hiding from four men who were supposedly following him and asked him where some pills were. Mittank was last seen in Varna Airport, the airport that serves Golden Sands in the nearby city of Varna. He was captured by airport security cameras running away. Once outside the airport, he was seen climbing a fence, running into a meadow and disappearing into the woods. He has not been seen since.[5]

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