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Disc is an experimental group formed by Miguel Depedro (Kid606), Jason Doerck (J Lesser), M. C. Schmidt and Drew Daniel (Matmos). The group was most active between 1997 and 1999.

To produce their sound, digital media (DATs, CDs) were etched and painted, or used in broken players to produce new sounds. In Gaijincd4, a "bonus" nonfunctional CD was included to suggest a multimedia disc. The double LP Transfer consisted entirely of locked grooves.



  • Gaijincd4 – CD album with bonus nonfunctional CD, Vinyl Communications, December 2007
  • 2xCD – 2×CD album, Vinyl Communications, 1998
  • Brave2ep – CD album, Vinyl Communications, October 1998
  • Transfer – 2x12", 10 songs and 105 locked grooves Delux Recordings, 1999
With KK Null
  • Nullsonic – CD album, Vinyl Communications, 1998

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